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EMDR therapy is a safe, fast, and effective way to transform your symptoms. Use it to step out of the past and into today.


Does it ever feel like the past is still front and center, dictating your present? It might be time to try EMDR. EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a complicated-sounding method for a simple therapeutic tool. EMDR uses the brain’s own processing system to heal from the past. And studies have shown that it’s profoundly effective.


After an upsetting experience, many people start to feel ‘stuck’ in negative emotions, behaviours and unhealthy patterns. Their whole outlook on life can change, including the way they view themselves. Symptoms like excessive worry, self-blame, constantly feeling on guard / expecting something terrible to happen, nightmares, anxiety and depression can feel nonstop, and overwhelming.


If you’re experiencing unwanted negative emotions, thoughts, and even physical reactions, you might be dealing with unprocessed memories from the past.



Some highlights of EMDR therapy:


  • You don’t have to ‘relive’ or get into the details of the traumatic experience to reap the benefits of EMDR.


  • Many people say that their symptoms improved after their first session.


  • It can be used successfully to treat symptoms even when memories are fractured or unclear.



EMDR therapy can help to alleviate day to day symptoms, allowing you to ‘move on’ from the past. I am a certified EMDR therapist, using it for a wide range of situations.